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You’re the Cake: The Guy’s the Frosting by Marcia Lite-Braus – Book Review

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A very worthy title for a very strong book!

You’re the Cake: The Guy’s the Frosting by Marcia Lite-Braus is all about learning to love yourself after a bad breakup/marriage, and how to attract the right kind of guy. The title alone is fantastic, and I’m all for a good book that brings out the positivity in one’s self.

The quote that really made this book hit a home run for me: is “dating is not about finding someone to rescue you from past traumas or low self-esteem.” Honestly? GET IT GIRL. This is literally what so many people (myself included) seem to jump to for relationships. But you know what? We need to treat ourselves like the amazing people we are, respect ourselves, and then work on finding the right partner.

I do have to say, other than the fantastic quotes throughout this entire book, what really drew me in was how easy this book is to read. Marcia writes as if we are having a coffee with her. It’s smooth, easy, and fun! She tells a very good story in an easy-to-read way. Hats off to Marcia! Who doesn’t love an engaging book that feels like you’re sitting and chilling with the author themselves?

From the reasons why we go after these not-so-great relationships, to tips on how to overcome those very difficult situations, Marcia knows where it’s at. This self-help book of sorts will shower you with funny and awkward situations Marcia went through, and give you a whole bunch of positive affirmations on how to learn from her “mistakes.”

Marcia walks us through many not-so-great men she had the opportunity to date (opportunity makes it sound better than some of the horrendous stories, honestly). These men were kleptomaniacs, liars, cheaters, delusional, and so many other words that yell “Red Flag… RUN!” Unfortunately, we all know how it goes when you are in a toxic relationship. You want to work it out, obviously, there’s some good in there… right? Well, Marcia tells us each story and picks apart why the red flags were there and even gives some incredible reasons for why she stayed (until she left, of course). After each story, Marcia gives some gentle but powerful advice on how to avoid these situations. We can all enjoy the jest in these stories because we’ve all been there, done that at some stage.

I highly recommend this book! It’s knowledgeable, powerful, and engaging. It’s also not the longest book, so it’s a nice, easy read. You can sit down, enjoy a tea, and escape into the world of relationship building.

Four out of five stars.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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