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No Better Man by Sara Richardson – Book Review

Book Review

Sara Richardson has been one of my go-to romance authors for quite some time. I stumbled upon her books through a giveaway, and ever since I have been a loyal reader.

It’s hard not to love an author who writes romance series with friendship, happiness, loyalty, and true love. The happily ever after reads make my heart swell up with joy and always leave me feeling happy. You get the odd sad moment, but you always know there is something good in store for the characters. Throw in that Sara has an amazing writing style that is easy to read and keeps the pace moving so you’re never bored, and you’ve got a real winner.

No Better Man is the first book in the Heart of the Rockies series. Avery King, a businesswoman on a mission, and Bryce Walker, a stubborn inn/ranch owner, are our leads. Avery’s fiancee proposes to her at a baseball game, and she awkwardly has to decline. There’s just no future there, in Chicago with a baseball player who she just doesn’t love! To escape the terribly embarrassing situation, she runs off to a ranch that’s going bankrupt. Maybe a little business trip, convincing the owner to sell the property to her Father, will get the breakup off her mind.

Bryce is not wanting to sell. The family ranch/inn reminds him of his wife, who tragically passed away years ago. The ranch was also owned by his grandparents, who made the inn a flourishing success! After he went through a rough patch, the inn isn’t as functional, but he still sees all the Cham beneath the peeling paint. No amount of money is going to make him sell. He sees his heart and her soul in the place but also takes a liking to Avery. He feels like their love is forbidden, but sometimes love finds a way….

These two make for a wonderful pairing in this contemporary romance novel. The story keeps a fast pace and is always throwing curveballs at us. Bryce’s lovely Mother and friendship dog, the baseball connection between the two to-be lovers, and a strict yet loving Father for Avery tie this story up quite nicely.

If you’re looking for a fantastic fiction read that’s a hidden gem, this book is for you! It has just enough heat, and enough wooing and romancing to make romance lovers smile and sink into their couches for a relaxing read. The fantastic setting, the heartfelt romance, and the will they won’t they romance will pull you in and keep you hooked.

Overall, this was a real winner for me! I’ll be picking up more romances by Sara Richardson as fast as I can get my hand on them. She’s high up on my book recommendation list.

Four out of five stars.

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