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Immortal North by Tom Stewart – Book Review

The Book Review

Immortal North by Tom Stewart is a gritty tale of isolation, the wilderness, (in)justice, and responsibility.

Back in my youth I read The Hatchet and HATED it. It was a story about the wilderness but to me it was just SO DARN BORING. I read it in school and just wanted it to end. Flash forward to my adulthood and I pick up a book that sounds similar, except it’s actually GOOD. What happens to a Father and his son while they live out in the wilderness? When things don’t go well, how will they cope? Isolation, the cruelty and beauty of nature, and human love all come together in one truly intriguing tale.

I really enjoyed Immortal North! It was ab book that I had to keep binging and I couldn’t stop. I just knew something was going to happen and I really had to know what, so little old me binge this sucker in one take. Throw in Tom’s beautiful writing style and his clear love of prose. He paints such a beautiful picture of the Canadian wilderness and the life humans live when they connect to the beauty of nature. This book is an art form and Tom is a wonderful artist. His way of presenting our two leads alone in the north and their battle for survival, as well as appreciating the bountiful nature around them is incredible. Of course, he brings in some pesky hunters that go and make life a lot more difficult for our leads. He also tells the story of loss, through the loss of a wife and a Mother. It pulled at my heart strings, was a sight to see, and honestly was a story I never thought I’d enjoy after my battle with The Hatchet. Tom brought back my life for Canadian Literature.

I highly recommend this book if you want to read something that is beautiful and cruel all at the same time. It’ll make you contemplate life as you know it and make you question humanity.

Four out of five stars!

I received this book for free from the author, Tom Stewart, in exchange for an honest review.

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