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LARPers by Kevin Miller – Milligan Creek Series Book #7 – #BookReview

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The Milligan Creek troop are back at it again in LARPers by Kevin Miller!

In the seventh instalment of this hilarious, Canadian, middle-grade series, our fave Milligan Creek kids are taking on a new kind of battle – fantasy roleplaying.

Matt Taylor is always up to his antics, to the point almost every adult in the small town of Milligan Creek mentions it every time he walks by. And to no one’s surprise, he uses his mischievous ways to cause the death of his friend, Andrew Loewen’s beloved character in their Mages and Monsters game. Mages and Monsters, a version of what we know as Dungeons and Dragons, is a fun roleplaying, tabletop game that has made waves in Milligan Creek. People are playing fantasy and magic games and creating mythical worlds of fun. Andrew has gotten knee-deep into the game, and when Matt gets his character killed, the boy is traumatized and hurt.

But Matt isn’t a jerk! He’s a good friend with good intentions (that just end up being the worst possible outcome). Matt decides to launch a live-action roleplaying game (or as we nerds call it, LARPing) to bring Andrew’s character back to life and provide a lot of fun for our favourite middle-grade heroes. Our heroes, and their new friends, set off on a trek across the city, with fantasy and reality accidentally crashing while they try to embark on their delightful adventure. It starts to turn scary when some local residents believe witches and a cult are going after their town… and local law enforcement is learning all about SWAT. What could go wrong?

There’s something about Kevin Miller’s middle-grade books that bring a giant grin to my face. It might be the nostalgia, the comedy, or the delightful Canadian read, but regardless these books are a hoot. It’s sometimes hard to believe we are seven books deep in this series, but they only continue to get more fun and better! The hijinks of this small Canadian town and its residents are absolutely hilarious and pretty relatable. Adults and kids alike will enjoy this book (and series!), which is packed with friendship, comedy, and adventures.

This is definitely one of my favourite books (although they all end up being my favourite for different reasons). The spin on having a lot of the book be in a fantasy roleplay was really different and really put a great spin on this series. I applaud Kevin Miller and give him a giant virtual high-five.

I highly recommend this series for middle-grade readers that want a lot of fun in their life. And especially Canadian schools that want to pack their libraries full of kid-appropriate books featured in Canadian cities!

Five out of five stars! Give it a sixth and even a seventh!

I received this book for free from the author, Kevin Miller, in exchange for an honest review.

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