I am Briar! I am a twenty-something currently living in the North with an excessive amount of cats.

I have a strong fondness for:
Amusement Parks
Nature & Gardening
Random hobbies (knitting, crocheting, etc)
Video games

All of these I love to review in my spare time!


These are the topics of books I tend to read:

Genres I read (in order of my favourites): Romance, Comics, Graphic Novels, Canadian Fiction, Erotica, Mystery, Crime, Thriller/Suspense, Non-Fiction, Women’s Fiction, General Fiction, Drama, Satire, Mythology/Lore, Historical, Biographies/Auto-Biographies/Memoirs, How-Tos,
Genres I don’t like to read: Westerns, Cookbooks, Travel Guides, Stories about Cancer/Suicide, Politics, Sci-Fi

I also love comic books, describe myself as a nerd and love a good conversation about superheroes!
Currently, I’m back in school working towards my degree in business. I have a strong passion for marketing and communication and would love to gain more experience helping others with their marketing campaigns.

Questions? Feel free to comment and ask!

Tra, Briar xoxo