I am Briar! I am a twenty-something currently living in the North with an excessive amount of cats.

I have a strong fondness for:
Amusement Parks
Nature & Gardening
Random hobbies (knitting, crocheting, etc)
Video games

All of these I love to review in my spare time!


These are the topics of books I tend to read:

Genres I read (in order of my favourites): Romance, Comics, Graphic Novels, Canadian Fiction, Erotica, Mystery, Crime, Thriller/Suspense, Non-Fiction, Women’s Fiction, General Fiction, Drama, Satire, Mythology/Lore, Historical, Biographies/Auto-Biographies/Memoirs, How-Tos,
Genres I don’t like to read: Westerns, Cookbooks, Travel Guides, Stories about Cancer/Suicide, Politics, Sci-Fi

I also love comic books, describe myself as a nerd and love a good conversation about superheroes!
Currently, I’m back in school working towards my degree in business. I have a strong passion for marketing and communication and would love to gain more experience helping others with their marketing campaigns.


All pictures on this blog are from Goodreads (unless otherwise stated) and I do not own the rights to them.

Questions? Feel free to comment and ask!

Tra, Briar xoxo