Quick Review – Lexington and 42nd by Kim Carmody

“Lexington and 42nd was a hot, steamy romance that follows a realistic plot.

First of all, I loved the fact that this book was semi-realistic – it took time for the characters’ relationship to build! These characters didn’t just look at each other and fall in love. They went through romantic stages, they fought, they took in considerations like life choices and all the fun parts about being an adult before they made a decision. And as boring as that sounds, Kim Carmody made it thrilling and addicting!

These characters were also made very realistic. They weren’t perfect, cookie-cutter characters – they had flaws and reasoning behind their actions. This made the book more interesting, since these characters had problems to face that wasn’t just ‘wow some guy doesn’t think I’m hot’!

As a sports lover, this book was also quite the charmer. I don’t like football, but it gave a realistic view into the life of a sport’s fan (even if Emma isn’t the biggest fan in the world).

Now, the “problems”:
While there was conflict in the story, it wasn’t very big. It was briefly touched on and seemed more like the side plot of the story. But, this is mainly a romance novel so it is understandable. This conflicting conflict might bug some readers.

Our main character was incredibly emotional, but that could just be how the character was built. I just find that having an emotional character might bug some readers (even though it shows she is a well built character to other readers).

Overall, I enjoyed this novel. It impressed me! I am definitely going to pick up the second book if I ever find it!

Five out of five stars!
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Quick Review – How to Make White People Laugh by Negin Farsad

Negin Farsad’s comedy-memoir book is absolutely fantastic!

I really enjoyed this novel! It gives a wonderful insight to the life of an Iranian-American, being a comedian, and of culture.

Negin does a great job at explaining culture with a hint of comedy in it. Discussing culture can be a very boring topic, but this book spices it up and makes the conversation lighter! I really did enjoy how Negin explains her culture and her life, and I would definitely pick up another book like this! She also includes many funny lists that show her comedic nature (Ex list of Sorority girl names, totally priceless!!).

This book isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but Negin manages to put an exciting and happy spin on all of her darker times!

Honestly, I hope she writes another book! I don’t know what about, but she really should!

Five out of five stars! Hilarious, insightful and beautifully written!

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.”

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Quick Review – True North by Tamsen Parker

“My comment for this entire book – “Holy crackers Tamsen! Calm down!”.

Yet again, Tamsen Parker proves to me that she is indeed my favourite author by bringing major sexiness and awesome writing into one beautiful yet sensual novel.

This book is an erotica, and man does Tamsen know how to write them. Readers need to keep in mind this book is “part” of a series (meaning the universe of the Compass series) but this book can be a standalone. The other three books were of one character, and this one now involves Slade!

Some BDSM is involved in this story – it’s not to crazy by my standard, but not all readers may feel comfortable with this. Keep that in mind before you pick up the book!

Now, into the juicy parts…

Slade has always been a major jerk, so seeing his side of the story is rather interesting. This man who enjoyed taking his frustrations out on people now has his eyes set on a “put together” female who’s actually quite the “mess”. His one night stand has come back, and somehow they seem to be developing much more than they had before…

This book is juicy! Second chances, hot nights, a pinch of BDSM, hints of romance, strange fetishes, first person male, vulnerable situations, sick desires, D/S…Man. I can’t put this book down, and I fully intend to buy myself a print copy when I can find it (I have an electronic copy). I want this book to sit proudly with all the other books I have by Tamsen Parker, because this book is a goldmine!

I enjoyed these characters, and I wasn’t sure if I would since I was so attached to India and Cris. I also enjoyed that this book is related to the series, but not fully the next book. Seeing India and Cris again would have been great, but this book changes it up and makes it even hotter! There’s only so much we can see with India and Cris before it gets a little repetitive (but Tamsen, if you read this, more India and Cris is still welcomed by this girl!!! 😉 )

Overall, I’d give it more than five stars if possible. Tamsen has wow-ed me again, and there is a reason she’s my top author (first place!!! Yay Tamsen!!).

Five out of five stars.”


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~ Briad

Quick Review – Intimate Geography by Tamsen Parker

“Intimate Geography is a sexy, hot read that keeps you addicted at every turn!

I did not read the first novel in this series, Personal Geography, but I was still able to follow the plot pretty well. I did have some confusion at the beginning of the book, but once you get into the novel not knowing the first book isn’t much of a problem. Once you are about one quarter of the way into the book, Tamsen Parker has given you enough background for the reader to at least have a general understanding of the relationships of the characters.

I would suggest reading the first book since the sequel is it’s own novel and doesn’t explain every detail about what happened in the first novel though. So I will be trying to pick it up myself to grasp a better understanding! Please be aware of this during my review, that I did not read the first book.

Intimate Geography is definitely an R rated book. It has lots of sex and BDSM throughout the novel. But this novel is not a “Fifty Shades of Grey” novel, it’s much better! This novel has a plot, follows India (the main character) throughout her career, and has her balancing friends, family, romance and career like any normal person does. Of course, India’s adventures are much more exaggerated than a normal person’s troubles, but that’s what makes this book so much fun!

The entire novel is very realistic, despite all the drama that occurs. Nothing seems to out of whack or misplaced, such as plot movements and big developments. Throughout the novel, I felt like this could actually be happening to someone and it felt real.

I did not expect the plot twists, and I usually am the first to guess them. Tamsen did a wonderful job changing up the plot to keep the novel interesting, and keep me addicted the whole time.

It is not your typical romance, but it is definitely a thrilling ride!

Anyone who likes: Erotic novels, romance, emotional and dramatic books, or shocking plot twists would love this novel!

Overall, I give this fantastic fictional read a five out of five stars! There weren’t points wrong with this novel. If anything, Tamsen could add a little more background about the last book for new readers, but previous readers may find that boring and tedious.

Wonderful novel! Five out of five stars! I loved it!

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.”


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~ Briar

Quick Review – Personal Geography by Tamsen Parker

“Tamsen Parker’s first novel about India and Crispin was definitely a sexy ride!

I read this book after the second one, Intimate Geography, and I have to admit this was a wonderful way to introduce the characters. The novel introduces India and Crispin and their very interesting relationship which involves lots of sexy scenes and R rated words. It’s a great ride to follow along and introduces everything at just the right speed.

Crispin is not introduced in the first chapter, which is excellent! Tamsen does an excellent job of introducing the reader to India’s current life first, then proceeding to introduce the conflict and pieces of India’s past as well.

There wasn’t much wrong with this book at all to be honest. I felt like there could have been more “action” or conflict that could have happened, but since this is a series and I have read the second book, I can say it’s a wonderful introduction. This definitely is not a standalone novel and should not be read as one. If anything, that is the only problem with this novel. Some novels can be read as part of the series and as a standalone. This one is made to be a series and should not be read as a standalone.

Overall, I really enjoyed it! It’s a sexy BDSM novel with lots of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming.

I would suggest this novel to people who like: romance, erotica, Fifty Shades of Grey novels with a bigger plot, and drama/emotional reads.

Five out of five stars!

Side note: I also loved that Tamsen Parker signed by book! That made this novel a little bit cooler for me!”

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~ Briar

Quick Review – Uncharted Territory by Tamsen Parker

Here’s a quick book review of Uncharted Territory by Tamsen Parker. This is the quick review I did for my Goodreads profile. I have recently developed a new book review template for my future reviews, but until I finish some new books I will be re-posting some of my old, less critical reviews for all to view! Enjoy!


“Uncharted Territory by Tamsen Parker is an incredible prequel that could easily stand on it’s own.

I loved this novel. Not only did the pace move at a great speed, but the romance and erotica within this novel were fantastic. There was no low point and at no point did I get bored or sick of the book. I craved each chapter and I couldn’t put it down!

If anything, the only “problem” I saw with this novel is that it seemed to end suddenly. There was no slow buildup to the plot twist, it just happened suddenly. I would have liked there to be more buildup and anticipation for the plot twist, but that’s just me being picky.

The writing was fantastic. Tamsen Parker did a great job building the characters throughout the novel and showing the relationships between the characters. All of the main characters were strong and didn’t act out of character throughout the novel.

Overall, I loved it! I want more by Tamsen Parker immediately!

Five out of five stars! I would give it more stars if possible!!”


~Tra, xoxo Briar

Welcome – My First Post!!

Welcome to my blog and welcome to my first post!!


I am Briar! This is centred around my thoughts on books, films, video games, theories among other random opinions I may form. I will post blogs hopefully every other week (or sooner!) regarding books I’ve read or movies I’ve seen or theories I’ve come up I’ve come up with!

Feel free to comment about what you’d like me to post about!

Perhaps I may even include some original content of my own!

Thank you for reading this short post and I hope you continue!


Tra, Briar Xoxo