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For book reviews, these are the genres I generally read:

Genres I enjoy reading:

  • Romance – Contemporary, Erotica
  • Graphic Novels, Comics, Mangas
  • Canadian Fiction
  • Children’s Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • Middle Grade Reads
  • Young Adult, New Adult & Adult Reads
  • Mystery, Crime, Suspense, Thrillers
  • Non-Fiction
  • General or Women’s Fiction
  • Satire & Comedy
  • Mythology & Lore
  • Biographies & Memoirs
  • How-Tos


Genres I don’t like to read:

  • Westerns
  • Dark Romance
  • Travel Guides
  • Stories about cancer, suicide, and other sad endings
  • Politics
  • Historical*
  • Sci-Fi *
    *General speaking, I will pick up the odd sci-fi and historical, but it is not one of of my main genres.


I can read print books, mobi or epub files, or copies through Netgalley or Smashwords.

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Please be aware that I am a full time student with a job. Authors who can understand and respect this will get precedence over those who do not. My motto has always been “pay it forward”. I will support those who support me! If you support me, I will support you over the long-term as well. Thank you!

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