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#BookReview I Told You So! Strike Three, You’re Out by Mark Gunning

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good middle grade novel. What can I say? I love being transported back to the nostalgia and fun of my youth! Middle grade novels are always so fun and creative, so I was pumped that an author even asked me to read one of theirs! It's always… Continue reading #BookReview I Told You So! Strike Three, You’re Out by Mark Gunning

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#BookReview Seizure by Kathy Reichs

I was absolutely thrilled that I bought the first two books in this series together, because I NEEDED to continue this series. The first book, Virals, was an absolute hit for me and Seizure continued the insanity! This time around Tory, Ben, Shelton, Hi and Cooper are off on another adventure.... except... get this... PIRATES.… Continue reading #BookReview Seizure by Kathy Reichs

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#BookReview Loki’s Wolves by K.A. Armstrong and M.A. Marr

Loki's Wolves is a truly fantastical, middle grade novel that focuses on Norse mythology. I love Kelley Armstrong and I've been dying to get my hands on a novel by Marissa Marr for YEARS. So, when I heard that the two of them were writing a novel together I had to get my hands on… Continue reading #BookReview Loki’s Wolves by K.A. Armstrong and M.A. Marr

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#BookReview The Fourth Courier by Timothy Jay Smith

If you're looking for a book full of mystery, thrills and deceit then The Fourth Courier by Timothy Jay Smith might be for you! This book was action packed, fast paced and full of intriguing characters (all of which seem to meet at the final climax of the book). Not only that, but Timothy Jay… Continue reading #BookReview The Fourth Courier by Timothy Jay Smith

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#BookReview Gun Kiss by Khaled Talib

Gun Kiss is a riveting read full of action, crime and suspense! I'm not gonna lie, this book impressed me! I hadn't picked up a really good crime novel in a while, so reading this book was a nice change in flow. Following Blake and Goldie was a unique thrill that was well worth the… Continue reading #BookReview Gun Kiss by Khaled Talib

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#BookReview Unlimited by Kevin Miller

  Unlimited by Kevin Miller is a must read fiction novel for all young readers! I always loved middle-grade fiction, and this book proves my point! Some of the best creative plots come in the form of middle grade fiction, and I wish this would have been a book my teachers read to us in… Continue reading #BookReview Unlimited by Kevin Miller

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#BookReview The Mountain Man’s Badge

    The Mountain Man's Badge (book #3) packs a real punch as the third book in this spectacular series. This series is one of my recent favourites, and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't picked up a great thriller novel in the past year! Gary Corbin makes an exciting, fast paced novel… Continue reading #BookReview The Mountain Man’s Badge

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#BooKReview Hercufleas by Sam Gayton

Hercufleas is the cutest book I've read this year, and it deserves so much more recognition than it's getting! Sam Gayton has created hit that Disney might want to steal in the future! This off the beaten path "Hercules" re-telling (in a way) is one of the best action novels I've ever read and enjoyed… Continue reading #BooKReview Hercufleas by Sam Gayton