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#BookReview Blood Ties by Mari Mancusi

Here's a quick book review for one of my fave authors: Mari Mancusi!!! Another round of Mari Mancusi's Blood Coven Vampires?! Yes please! I adore Sunny and Magnus, and lucky for us these two are back together! They are one of my top YA couples and we're SO lucky to get another book with these… Continue reading #BookReview Blood Ties by Mari Mancusi

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#BookReview Bad Blood by Mari Mancusi

If you were wanting more Sunny in this book - YOU GOT IT. This addition to the Blood Coven Vampires series follows Sunny (but don't worry, Rayne is still kicking!). This time around, Magnus has to get a blood mate - and guess what? It's not Sunny. Sunny, who's madly in love with Magnus, and… Continue reading #BookReview Bad Blood by Mari Mancusi

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#BookReview Once Upon a Vampire by Mari Mancusi

To say I was a huge fan of the Blood Coven novels when I was younger would be an understatement. I remember going to high school sporting events and having to sit on a bus for hours to get to our location so we could compete - so of course I would brings books by… Continue reading #BookReview Once Upon a Vampire by Mari Mancusi