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Questionable Quizzes by A.E. Chandler Book Review

The Review I was one of those kids going on quiz sites to see what character I was, what house I was being sorted into, which celebrity I would marry, what my worst trait was, etc. You remember those quiz sites, right? Buzzfeed has it now for a lot of those quizzes, but teenage magazines… Continue reading Questionable Quizzes by A.E. Chandler Book Review

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#BookReview Finnish Nightmares by Karoliina Korhonen

Looking for a quick review of an excellent graphic novel/comic book? This book is relatively short but I was honestly surprised how few reviews it had! This book was absolutely hilarious and a must read. I figured it deserved it's time to shine, so here is my quick review (flashback to my first reviews on… Continue reading #BookReview Finnish Nightmares by Karoliina Korhonen

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#BookReview Veering Off on Valentine’s by A.J. Kormon

Veering off Valentine's by A.J. Kormon is another super sweet, middle grade read for your eager readers. I do really enjoy these books. I've been on a bit of a middle grade binge lately, but can you blame me? This series specifically is designed for readers who aren't too enthusiastic about reading. There is big… Continue reading #BookReview Veering Off on Valentine’s by A.J. Kormon

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#BookReview Christmas Camp by Jaren Schaler

Oooh, Christmas books! For the longest time I couldn't get into holiday books, but then the pandemic hit and suddenly I was in love with Hallmark movies, feel good content and Christmas romance novels! I couldn't get enough of them, but they were always hard to find on sale (or at any price other than… Continue reading #BookReview Christmas Camp by Jaren Schaler

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#BookReview Creeping Up on Christmas by A.J. Kormon

A.J. Kormon is one of my recent favourite authors for middle grade series. I always love myself a little middle grade read. It brings me back to my youth and reminds me of how much fun reading back then was. Getting a little nostalgia is nice through all of the craziness of our current situation,… Continue reading #BookReview Creeping Up on Christmas by A.J. Kormon

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#BookReview Halloween Night on Monster Island by Clark Roberts

Halloween Night on Monster Island is a fun, middle grade read with lots of spooky jump scares and hijinks. If you like books like Goosebumps, this book is perfect for you! This middle grade read is fast paced, has some spooky moments, and is just all around fun. It gave me R.L. Stine vibes with… Continue reading #BookReview Halloween Night on Monster Island by Clark Roberts

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#BookReview Pumpkins by Kevin Miller

Anyone who knows me knows that I am the Queen of Halloween (self proclaimed, of course). I LIVE for Fall and Halloween and breathe it with every fibre of my being. I love decorating (be it store bought or my own creations!), I love Goosebumps, I love giving out candy and making Halloween a fun… Continue reading #BookReview Pumpkins by Kevin Miller

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#BookReview No Cure For Love by Victoria Grant

Little known fact about me: I grew up watching soap operas. Two in particular: Coronation Street and General Hospital. My Dad was from England, so Coronation Street was basically law to watch. We couldn't miss an episode! My Mom liked General Hospital and got me into it, which I ended up watching every day after… Continue reading #BookReview No Cure For Love by Victoria Grant

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#BookReview Arctic Meltdown by Geza Tatrallyay

Geza Tatrallyay is at it again with another fantastic read! Arctic Meltdown is an excellent book to pick up if you love history and mystery. Let me be clear, I'm not a big fan of reading history in fiction. History is cool and I love learning the non-fiction side of it, but history in fiction… Continue reading #BookReview Arctic Meltdown by Geza Tatrallyay


#BookReview Yara and the Yellow-Headed Parrots by Yossi Lapid

Oh boy! You know what time it is?! Another time to read a wonderful story about Yara by Yossi Lapid! This series is quite the guilty pleasure for me. Who doesn't love a story that promotes being kind to others and the environment that is also fun to read and gorgeously illustrated? This series hits… Continue reading #BookReview Yara and the Yellow-Headed Parrots by Yossi Lapid