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#BookReview Strangled by Simile by Kelley Kay

The Chalkboard Outlines series by Kelley Kay is one of my personal favourite cozy mystery series. There's drama, quirky humour, a pinch of romance, and lots of intrigues as the mystery unfolds. Being able to pick up Strangled by Simile was an absolute pleasure and I'm still reeling and grinning from all of the hijinks.… Continue reading #BookReview Strangled by Simile by Kelley Kay

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#BookRecommendations 2010s in Review

The 2010s was a rough decade for me, I won't lie! I had to put my childhood pets (my dog and cat) down. My Father lost his battle to cancer. I dropped out of university. I completed a different diploma but couldn't get a job. But I also had some pretty amazing things happen too!… Continue reading #BookRecommendations 2010s in Review