#BookReview Sasha and his Red Leash by Yossi Lapid

Yossi Lapid is back at it again with this super sweet book!

Sasha is the cutest little pup, and it’s time for him to have an adventure! He’s very lucky, gets to have fun walks, and gets treats! Buuuut, he hates his red leash. The red leash is absolutely awful! He must fight the urge to be free but unsafe.

This story is sweet! I think it’s a great picture book with a lovely little story. It’s also packed with the most adorable pictures. Sasha is a little troublemaker, but he’s super cute. Kids will love him! There’s also a spot in the book where you can talk with your kiddos about whether Sasha and his owners are being safe or not, so it has a bit of an educational kick to it! I love books that educate!

I absolutely love the illustrations. They are soft, colourful and very sweet. I think they fit the story just perfectly!

Overall, this book is such a cute, little gem! I adore it! I’d highly recommend this book for your children’s picture book shelf!

Five out of five stars.

Thank you to Yossi Lapid for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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#BookReview A Dog of My Own by Richard Clark



Richard Clark has made yet another super cute novel!

This time around Jonas wants a dog, and by luck and chance he gets one! I thought the idea behind this story was super unique and I had never thought much about renting a dog before. It was a silly topic that I would have loved to read as a kid.

The book was an easy enough read, and would definitely be a perfect fit for any middle grade reader (or a story to read to younger kids). Who doesn’t want to rent a dog who’s super famous? I also think the adventures and shenanigans that Jonas goes on is epic and the perfect plot for this book!

The pacing of this book was awesome and it felt like the perfect length. I couldn’t see any real cons other than I want more from this author and soon! His characters are believable and lovable, and his stories are truly unique. I don’t know how Richard gets inside the head of a kid, but he manages to make it extremely realistic. It almost feels like a kid is behind this book (with the expertise of a great writer and awesome editor). Jonas is perfectly flawed (like any kid) and full of creativity and fun!

Even the ending was super cute and sweet! I kind of wish there were more adventures for Jonas, Chloe and Rascal on the way!

Five out of five stars! What a treasure!


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