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The Gods of Women Have Gone Mad by Wole Akosile – Book Review

The Book Review The Gods of Women Have Gone Mad by Wole Akosile is a unique take on feminism and how cruel the world can be. This horrific story sees many women through genital mutilation and the adversity of women go through. It's sad and scary, but it is something that still happens in this… Continue reading The Gods of Women Have Gone Mad by Wole Akosile – Book Review

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#BookReview Cress by Marissa Meyer

W-O-W-Z-A. I love fairy tales and their adaptions, but Marissa Meyer takes this to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. I haven't been this glued to a series in a very long time (almost a decade... back when I was in high school). It's seriously amazing that Marissa can pull my attention so well. Seriously, I just… Continue reading #BookReview Cress by Marissa Meyer

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#BookReview The Age of the Child by Kristen J. Tsetsi

The Age of the Child by Kristen J. Tsetsi is a dystopian novel where women's rights are violated. You could pitch this book as a companion to The Handmaid's Tale - since this book involves a dystopian world where women are forced to give birth (no birth control and no abortions). To be blunt, I… Continue reading #BookReview The Age of the Child by Kristen J. Tsetsi

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#BookReview The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid's Tale is a book that I have been debating over since high school. Everyone I know from high school absolutely HATED this book (with a ridiculously strong passion) yet I had this feeling that I should read it anyways. After watching the 2017 television adaptation and LOVING it, I decided it was probably… Continue reading #BookReview The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

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#BookReview Gold Shadow by L.C. Perry

  Gold Shadow is an enchanting story full of contrasts. If I had to use metaphors to explain this book, I would use contrasting words - light and dark, the sun and the moon, soft and tough, etc. This story follows Ebony, a rough-around-the-edges type of girl who is apart of the rebellion, and Princess… Continue reading #BookReview Gold Shadow by L.C. Perry

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#BookReview Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

Now is time for a #ThrowbackThursday review - AKA I've gone back to reading a book on my shelf from years ago and reviewing it. Enjoy!!     Poison Princess is one of those books that takes you by surprise, pulls you in and won't let you go until you finish it. I actually found… Continue reading #BookReview Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

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#BookReview – Apocalypse the Memoir by CS Oliver

Apocalypse the Memoir by C.S. Oliver I am sad to say this book somehow got swept up into my house and disappeared for a while. I remember writing it down on my "to read" list and then being unable to find it. I went through all of my book shelves (there are many) and was… Continue reading #BookReview – Apocalypse the Memoir by CS Oliver

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#BookReview SpaceMan by Tom Abrahams

SpaceMan by Tom Abrahams I'm not much of a space person - I wasn't impressed with The Martian (film, not book. I will eventually get to the novel...), and I have never been super into the whole "space" thing (unless it's Star Wars). But, I love reading books in different genres! I don't like reading… Continue reading #BookReview SpaceMan by Tom Abrahams

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#BookReview – Strungballs by Mike Russell

Strungballs by Mike Russell This book by Mike Russell is another short story. It's a great read for those who want a short, exciting read (and for those like me who didn't want to commit to another Games of Thrones book right away...). This book is weird, if I put it lightly. The thought of… Continue reading #BookReview – Strungballs by Mike Russell

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Quick Book Review: Jacob’s Odyssey by Russ Melrose

Photo via Goodreads. Jacob's Odyssey was an interesting zombie apocalypse novel. I found this book to be well written, but the first half of the book left me rather bored. The main character, Jacob, does not speak to anyone for the first half of the novel. Without any conversation the novel seemed rather bland. It's… Continue reading Quick Book Review: Jacob’s Odyssey by Russ Melrose