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#BookReview Hidden by Catherine McKenzie

Hidden by Catherine McKenzie was the most surprising book of the year - it 200% exceeded my expectations! If you haven't read this book, I'd highly recommend it. This contemporary novel follows the death of a man and the fallout that ensues. Jeff steps into the street (with his eyes closed, bad decision on his… Continue reading #BookReview Hidden by Catherine McKenzie

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#BookReview Spectacle by Rachel Vincent

  Is it possible to rate over five stars? Because I totally would with this book! Many eons ago, I was OBSESSED with Rachel Vincent's books. I was a high-schooler with a minimum wage job and and money to spend. So, I hoarded books and rammed through most of Ms. Rachel V's bibliography. Soul Screamers,… Continue reading #BookReview Spectacle by Rachel Vincent

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#BookReview The Masked Truth by Kelley Armstrong

To begin this review, I have to admit I'm a little biased. I have always enjoyed Kelley Armstrong's books and doubly so because she's Canadian (represent!!). My review will absolutely reflect that I thoroughly enjoy her writing style and I am always down for a reading ride in her books. So, off to the races...… Continue reading #BookReview The Masked Truth by Kelley Armstrong

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#BookReview Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

Hot diggity dang, I love this book! Richelle Mead was one of my many high school guilty pleasures. I'd sneak off to read Vampire Academy over and over without a second thought. I always knew I wanted to read this series but it either continually slipped my mind or my local bookstores would sell out… Continue reading #BookReview Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

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#BookReview Mighty Coconuts (Miss Tree Tales #1) by Deepa Remesh

Miss Tree Tales by Deepa Remesh is a wonderful series that is an absolute must read! Book #1: Mighty Coconuts is a cute, little gem that should be actively sought out by avid readers. This middle grade novel is short but sweet, and delivering all the right messages. Mia and Nik live in Texas, and… Continue reading #BookReview Mighty Coconuts (Miss Tree Tales #1) by Deepa Remesh

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#BookReview Barefoot Beach by Debbie Mason

Barefoot Beach by Debbie Mason is a lovely romance novel filled with suspense, a sexy firefighter and one headstrong female lead. I honestly wish I had read the full series before I got to this book. Even though it works as a stand alone, I felt like I wanted to know more of the background… Continue reading #BookReview Barefoot Beach by Debbie Mason

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#BookReview A Bicycle Made for Two by Mary Jayne Baker

Oh, Mary Jayne Baker. It's like you wrote this book just for me! It's 100% British and took me back to my youth when my Dad used every British slang word and saying he could all day, everyday. Meanwhile, it's a cute, comedic romance that reminds me I'm an adult. It's safe to say, this… Continue reading #BookReview A Bicycle Made for Two by Mary Jayne Baker

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#BookReview The Underground Toy Society by Jessica D. Adams

The Underground Toy Society by Jessica D. Adams is a charming little book following toys who just want to be played with! This book gave me Toy Story vibes. There are two dolls who want to be reunited and decide to help take care of toys. It's a sweet premise and works really well within… Continue reading #BookReview The Underground Toy Society by Jessica D. Adams

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#BookReview For Her Own Good by Tamsen Parker

Oh man, oh man, oh man! Another Tamsen Parker gem!! This book is a 6 out of 5, but unfortunately that rating does not exist on this site so I guess I can settle with just a 5 out of 5. Seriously though, this one was a DOOZIE! Tamsen has amped up the plot, has… Continue reading #BookReview For Her Own Good by Tamsen Parker

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#BookReview Dear Haiti, Love Alaine

I love exploring new cultures, so having the opportunity to pick up Dear Haiti, Love Alaine was absolutely thrilling for me! This novel follows the lovely Alaine as she gets sent to Haiti to fulfill a school project. Along the way she helps out her Tati's PATRON PAL app/company, meets a cute guy, learns who… Continue reading #BookReview Dear Haiti, Love Alaine