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#BookReview Winds of Darkness by Rebecca L. Snowe

Winds of Darkness by Rebecca L. Snowe opened my eyes to the wonderful world of fantasy novels. I normally despise fantasy novels. I have a slew of reasons why they don't normally vibe with me, yet this book proved to me that maybe it's just the book and not the genre. Why? Because this book… Continue reading #BookReview Winds of Darkness by Rebecca L. Snowe

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#BookReview Valyo Rising by R.A. Mendsen

A little birdie recommended Valyo Rising to me, and man they were spot on! R.A. Mendsen has crafted one truly fantastical journey that will give you The Witcher and Game of Thrones vibe. And, if you LOVE LOVE LOVE fantasy, you'll be totally addicted to this book. Now, you need to keep in mind that… Continue reading #BookReview Valyo Rising by R.A. Mendsen