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#BookReview Hidden Fires by Sandra Brown

This book took WAY to long to read for me, if I'm being brutally honest. Normally I am SO OBSESSED with a romance novel that can get me away from the world and take me to my dreamy state of mind, but this book didn't do it for me. It was a little disappointing, but… Continue reading #BookReview Hidden Fires by Sandra Brown

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#BookReview Carry Me by Peter Behrens

Carry Me by Peter Behrens is a beautifully woven tale of the world wars that gives a unique perspective into the life of people in those times. The first half of this book was incredibly addicting to me, and I could hardly put it down. It was a solid five out of five stars, and… Continue reading #BookReview Carry Me by Peter Behrens

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#BookReview Throne of Grace by Cecily Wolf

Time for a quick book review!!   Throne of Grace is one of the only Christian romance novels I have read. I saw it was free on Amazon, and I decided I might as well pick up a different type of book. The book is sweet and simple, if I'm putting it lightly. The historical… Continue reading #BookReview Throne of Grace by Cecily Wolf


#BookReview Anita – A Heroine of Two Worlds by Liz Gavin

Anita by Liz Gavin is an awesome, short story that will leave you breathless. I downloaded this book free from a newsletter I was sent, and man was I blown away! I am really annoyed that this is a "standalone" (currently...) because the ending was the worst cliffhanger EVER! This book was a time travel,… Continue reading #BookReview Anita – A Heroine of Two Worlds by Liz Gavin

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#BookReview The Second War of Rebellion by Katie Hanrahan

Somehow, I managed to pick up this book and finish reading it but then put it right back on my "to read" bookshelf so I completely forgot how long ago I read it! So the accuracy of the dates of when I read this is quite wrong! I'll just say August 2017 since that's when… Continue reading #BookReview The Second War of Rebellion by Katie Hanrahan