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#BookRecommendations 2010s in Review

The 2010s was a rough decade for me, I won't lie! I had to put my childhood pets (my dog and cat) down. My Father lost his battle to cancer. I dropped out of university. I completed a different diploma but couldn't get a job. But I also had some pretty amazing things happen too!… Continue reading #BookRecommendations 2010s in Review

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#BookReview So Near the Horizon by Jessica Koch

So Near the Horizon by Jessica Koch is a sweet, simple, romance read. There WILL be spoilers in this review, so beware! Romance seems to be a hit and miss genre - there are FANTASTIC novels, and there are HORRIBLE novels. So Near the Horizon, on the spectrum, is just below fantastic. This story starts… Continue reading #BookReview So Near the Horizon by Jessica Koch