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#BookReview Spiral by Khaled Talib

Khaled Talib has crafted another magnificent thriller, called Spirals, to keep you on the edge of your seats. In Spiral, Laurence Turner is apart of many tragic, surprise events that just keep coming his way. He's been around enough dead people to make it suspicious. Honestly, it's amazing this guy hasn't been labelled suspicious before!… Continue reading #BookReview Spiral by Khaled Talib

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#BookReview Gun Kiss by Khaled Talib

Gun Kiss is a riveting read full of action, crime and suspense! I'm not gonna lie, this book impressed me! I hadn't picked up a really good crime novel in a while, so reading this book was a nice change in flow. Following Blake and Goldie was a unique thrill that was well worth the… Continue reading #BookReview Gun Kiss by Khaled Talib