#BookReview Another Five Days by Matt Micros

Another Five Days by Matt Micros is a wonderful, feel good book!

The premise itself is amazing, let alone when you get into the meat of the writing. Matt Micros has crafted a beautiful, heart-warming story about a man who gets to redo five days of his life because of his extraordinary altruism.

Al Sokratis is the kind of guy we want to see in the world: he does amazing things for people. He goes off to war to help protect his buddy, he helps his son with his finances when the goings get tough, and he becomes Mayor to try to better the city for everyone. When he goes to help a man who was in a tragic accident and is killed, he is given a chance to redo five days of his life. To no one’s surprise, he continues to try to help people and is rewarded greatly.

This book literally brought tears to my eyes. At the end (that sweet ending, my goodness) I couldn’t help but feel so warm and fuzzy and let a few tears fall from my eyes. It’s such a feel good and lovely story in such a rough time full of negativity that I can’t help but scream about this book on the top of all the hills. I will be so disappointed if this book doesn’t find an audience. It’s a magical little book that I will be recommending for years to come. To top it off, this book is easy to read, fast paced and a short story so you can binge it in no time.

If you like fiction, want something that will make the world seem better, or you are seeking a short story, grab this book! Matt Micros is an amazing story teller!

Five out of five stars.

I received a free copy of this book from the author, Matt Micros, in exchange of an honest review.


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Book Review: Destinare by Matt Micros


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Book Review:
Book Title: Destinare
Book Author: Matt Micros

Introduction: I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads. I decided to read this book since I was craving some quick, short reads and this book fit the bill!

Synopsis: Everyone’s lives are interconnected in some way. If we didn’t make certain decisions in our past, how would the future turn out? This book has everyone connected (and it gave me a short but sweet, with less themes Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell feel) and it’s very clear and obvious why they are.

Review: Dear readers, this book is FICTIONAL. It even states in the opening lines that it is FICTIONAL. I’ve read other reviews where people were upset about the twist ending in this book, but the book is FICTIONAL and, therefore, can have any ending it wants to be and does not need to be realistic. Did I like this book having an unrealistic ending? No. But did it fit with the novel? Yes. This book has a big plot twist at the end that shows how lives can be connected, and makes it clear that anyone’s decision will have a big impact on other people (whether you realize it or not). So, since I have mentioned the word FICTIONAL four times now, I feel like whoever reads this review should get the point.

This book is an easy, quick read that I managed to finish in one go. I sat down for an hour and took my time through it, and I really enjoyed it! It definitely didn’t blow me out of the water and want to scream at everyone to read this book, but I really liked it. The theme of everyone being connected in some way and how our decisions affect others was a great plot driver for this story. There were times where I felt like the book was a little cheesey, but it worked within the context.

If anything, I would have liked some of the stories to be extended. I really liked reading about each individual character, but some of their chapters were just to short! You’d move onto the next chapter and it felt like fifty years had passed in those few lines!!

Overall, I really like this novel. I’m impressed and I would definitely recommend people who want a fictional but short read to pick it up! Matt Micros did a fantastic job and I want to read more by him. The characters were relatable, the story hit home quite a few times, and the themes were realistic (minus the final plot twist, but hey, it’s literature! Everything does not have to be super realistic!).

Four out of five stars.