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#BookReview The First Days of August by Alan Froning

I have a love/hate relationship with this book. For one, it's seriously incredible and so well written that OMG why haven't you read it yet? For the second, the ending made me SO DARN MAD. I did not enjoy that ending and I think it almost defeated the purpose of this book - but I'm… Continue reading #BookReview The First Days of August by Alan Froning

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#BookReview Dear Haiti, Love Alaine

I love exploring new cultures, so having the opportunity to pick up Dear Haiti, Love Alaine was absolutely thrilling for me! This novel follows the lovely Alaine as she gets sent to Haiti to fulfill a school project. Along the way she helps out her Tati's PATRON PAL app/company, meets a cute guy, learns who… Continue reading #BookReview Dear Haiti, Love Alaine