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#BookReview Worth the Whisk by Melissa Williams

Worth the Whisk by Melissa Williams is a must read romantic comedy with lots of baking puns. Honestly, this series just keeps getting better! Who doesn't want a couple that breaks the stereotypical mold for their jobs and are also just completely awesome together? To top it off, the comedy is awesome, the romance is… Continue reading #BookReview Worth the Whisk by Melissa Williams


#BookReview Christmas Treats by Piper Rayne, Melissa Williams and more!

I'm a little late to the release party on this book but I am still super happy to say I picked up a holiday read in time for the holidays. Seriously, it's like a curse for me. I always get them in July or August. So, Christmas treats! This is an anthology/collection of Christmas tales… Continue reading #BookReview Christmas Treats by Piper Rayne, Melissa Williams and more!

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#BookReview Donut Disturb by Melissa Williams

Donut Disturb is an absolutely delightful romantic comedy by Melissa Williams! This book is sugary sweet, absolutely adorable and utterly cute! I always love a good romantic comedy, but this one just hits the spot. We follow Cassidy Daniels, a Torontonian baker at Bake, Rattle and Roll. She owns the place with her brother and… Continue reading #BookReview Donut Disturb by Melissa Williams