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#BookReview Quiet on Set! by Kevin Miller

Quiet on Set! by Kevin Miller is another truly incredible addition to my favourite Canadian, middle-grade series - Milligan Creek. This series is my guilty pleasure. I love snuggling up with a blanket, a warm cup of tea, my cats, and a Milligan Creek book. How can you not love them? They are full of… Continue reading #BookReview Quiet on Set! by Kevin Miller

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#BookReview Snowbound (Milligan Creek #5) by Kevin Milligan

There is nothing I love more than another Milligan Creek book! I can't express how pumped I was when I heard there was another book coming from Kevin Miller. The Milligan Creek series is one of my top middle grade series EVER (and yeah, that's a big deal - I read a lot) so I… Continue reading #BookReview Snowbound (Milligan Creek #5) by Kevin Milligan

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#BookRecommendations 2010s in Review

The 2010s was a rough decade for me, I won't lie! I had to put my childhood pets (my dog and cat) down. My Father lost his battle to cancer. I dropped out of university. I completed a different diploma but couldn't get a job. But I also had some pretty amazing things happen too!… Continue reading #BookRecommendations 2010s in Review

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#BookReview The Water War by Kevin Miller

The Water War is an absolutely brilliant addition to the Milligan Creek series by Kevin Miller! Can I just say, I am oh so frustrated with this series! Why did it have to come out when I was an adult?! I would have ate this book up as a child! This is the most fun… Continue reading #BookReview The Water War by Kevin Miller

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#BookReview Unlimited by Kevin Miller

  Unlimited by Kevin Miller is a must read fiction novel for all young readers! I always loved middle-grade fiction, and this book proves my point! Some of the best creative plots come in the form of middle grade fiction, and I wish this would have been a book my teachers read to us in… Continue reading #BookReview Unlimited by Kevin Miller