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#BookReview School Ties by Tamsen Parker

Time for a little #throwbackthursday for my next February Valentine's Day special! This is one of my original reviews of an amazing book by Tamsen Parker. The structure and formatting is a little different because it's a flashback to what I thought might be a good look for my blog. I hope you enjoy the… Continue reading #BookReview School Ties by Tamsen Parker

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#BookReview Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

  Crazy Rich Asians is a fun, comedic romance that opened my eyes to a whole new world! Before anyone asks, yes, I read this book because I saw the movie and loved it. Was the movie identical to the book? No. Was it still super cute and a great adaption? Yes. So, now that… Continue reading #BookReview Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

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#BookReview The Shining by Stephen King

To say Stephen King is a genius and a legend in the horror world is an understatement. I had been meaning to read The Shining for a very long time - I became determined to read the book before the movie, and I've been dying to watch the movie for the past two years! While… Continue reading #BookReview The Shining by Stephen King

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#BookReview Leaving Home by Duane A. Eide

It's time for another quick book review!! Leaving Home was an interesting fictional read. This novel follows Shane Stenlund after an unfortunate injury that led him to not continuing his secondary school career. He goes off to the big city and learns that life is much different in the city than on the farm. The… Continue reading #BookReview Leaving Home by Duane A. Eide

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#BookReview Blood by Ruth Miranda

  Blood by Ruth Miranda is a paranormal novel full of thrills, suspense and mystery! Vampires? Fey? Visions? This book is hitting every notch on the fantastical belt of epicness! I truly found this book intriguing and couldn't put it down. It starts off as a character study, following Caius (also known as Chaos), who… Continue reading #BookReview Blood by Ruth Miranda

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Collection 1: #TopTens – Children’s Fiction Part 1

Welcome to my new collection of blog posts! This collection will be all about my favourite books in specific genres. My goal is to collect awesome books together to provide some new to-read novels for readers! There will be multiple parts to each collection since I have read so many good books by so many… Continue reading Collection 1: #TopTens – Children’s Fiction Part 1

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#BookReview Half Done Fun by Katja Vartiainen

  Half Done Fun by Katja Vartiainen is a unique book for all of your doodling fun! This book is seriously fun! I always liked drawing, colouring and painting when I was younger but slowly lost it as I got older (and had less time to do all the fun things I did in my… Continue reading #BookReview Half Done Fun by Katja Vartiainen

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#BookReview The Wife’s Tale by Aida Edemariam

  The Wife's Tale is a beautiful history of a family that will pull at your heart strings. My goodness, this book was impossible for me to put down. This breath taking recount of a woman's life in Ethiopia was truly incredible. I'm Canadian and I haven't left North America, so reading about other people's… Continue reading #BookReview The Wife’s Tale by Aida Edemariam

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#BookReview The Father by Brett Williams

The Father by Brett Williams is a unique take on a generational story. I did not enjoy this book as much as I hoped to. The book was written in a tone that just didn't fit with me personally, but it is a great book. The story follows a family through the generation, with each… Continue reading #BookReview The Father by Brett Williams

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#BookReview The Mountain Man’s Bride by Gary Corbin

  The Mountain Man's Bride was an excellent sequel that is a definite must read! I really like this series - it feels so simple and smooth, despite having epic plot lines. I'm able to easily get lost in Gary's words and feel like it's some epic crime television show playing in my head. Gary… Continue reading #BookReview The Mountain Man’s Bride by Gary Corbin