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#BookReview Designing Love by Victoria Grant

Designing Love by Victoria Grant is the third romantic read in the Calderone Family romance series. We're back at it again with another Calderone child getting their love story fleshed out in the most dramatic and romantic of ways. Charles Calderone gets his turn to shine as he woos Caroline Winters, an architect. She's a… Continue reading #BookReview Designing Love by Victoria Grant

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#BookReview Stranded in Love by Victoria Grant

Being a bookworm is hard! There are thousands upon millions upon probably billions of books to read out there, and you always hope you find the magic mix of your reading style and the book. The Calderone Family Romance series is one of those series that just vibe with me. It's a fun, fast-paced romance… Continue reading #BookReview Stranded in Love by Victoria Grant

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#BookReview No Cure For Love by Victoria Grant

Little known fact about me: I grew up watching soap operas. Two in particular: Coronation Street and General Hospital. My Dad was from England, so Coronation Street was basically law to watch. We couldn't miss an episode! My Mom liked General Hospital and got me into it, which I ended up watching every day after… Continue reading #BookReview No Cure For Love by Victoria Grant

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#BookReview Wedding Peach by Nao Yazawa

Wedding Peach by Nao Yazawa is a unique, little manga that gave me major Sailor Moon vibes! Growing up, I loved Sailor Moon, Winx Club, Magical Melodies and all of those other girl power stories. So, it was only natural I'd move towards this book. If you cross bred Sailor Moon with weddings, I'm convinced… Continue reading #BookReview Wedding Peach by Nao Yazawa

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#BookReview A Reluctant Attraction by Rosanna Leo

Rosanna Leo sits high upon the Canadian romance writer throne for me. I dare you to bring me a better Canadian romance author! Jokes on you though… You're providing me more Canadian authors to binge! I LOVE the Handymen series. I can't get enough of it and they just make me all around happy. If… Continue reading #BookReview A Reluctant Attraction by Rosanna Leo

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#BookReview An Irresistible Force by Rosanna Leo

An Irresistible Force by Rosanna Leo is an absolute delight and continues to be one of my fave, new series! Rosanna Leo is one of my recent favourite romance authors. Her books feel real, honest but also completely adorable. I get whisked away from the craziness of our world and into a fictional universe that… Continue reading #BookReview An Irresistible Force by Rosanna Leo

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#BookReview The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker

Ahh, romance is in the air! This February I've loaded the bloggity with lots of romances, and here's another lovely one! Mary Jayne Baker is definitely up there for my fave romance authors. Give this rom-com a look-see!   Mary Jayne Baker is proving to be a Queen of romantic comedy, let me tell ya!… Continue reading #BookReview The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker

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#BookReview Wild Cowboy Ways by Carolyn Brown

Ah, it's the season of love! February comes around and it's the perfect time to pick up an adorable romance. This month I will feature tons and tons of my fave romance books. Hopefully you find a new book to add to your TBR! Here's one of my guilty pleasure reads by Carolyn Brown:  … Continue reading #BookReview Wild Cowboy Ways by Carolyn Brown

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#BookReview Call Me Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber

Let's get into the Christmas spirit with an adorable Christmas book by the always lovely Debbie Macomber!   Call Me Mrs. Miracle is an absolutely delightful Christmas romance book! Emily Merkle is mistakenly called Emily Miracle, and takes on the name Mrs. Miracle. She's an older woman who does wondrous work at the toy store… Continue reading #BookReview Call Me Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber

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#BookReview Succubus on Top by Richelle Mead

Succubus Blues (the first book in this miraculous series) was one of my top books for 2019. Ever since I was in high school, Richelle Mead was one of my faves. Vampire Academy, Gameboard of the Gods and the Storm Born series ranked high on my list! It seemed only natural to finally pick this… Continue reading #BookReview Succubus on Top by Richelle Mead