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#BookReview Misadventures of the First Daughter by Meredith Wild and Mia Michelle

Geez Louise. If you're looking for a super hot romance with lots of erotica and sex scenes littered throughout, with just a pinch of thriller in it, GRAB THIS BOOK. I have a fond place for Meredith Wild. She is one of the authors that "introduced" me to erotica in romance. I wasn't totally into… Continue reading #BookReview Misadventures of the First Daughter by Meredith Wild and Mia Michelle

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#BookReview Something Borrowed by Louisa George

Oh-Emm-Gee. Something Borrowed by Louisa George was seriously cute and is totally hyping me up for Valentine's Day! You know, months early. Chloe Cassidy just had the worst thing that could possibly happen to a wedding planner happen - her husband left her at the altar. Jump forward, and suddenly she's getting flirty with the… Continue reading #BookReview Something Borrowed by Louisa George

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#BookReview How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

So, it's Halloween time around the blog. You might not like all the horror featured here, so I figured I might add some other genres in too! Werewolves are related to Halloween, so a little romance featuring a werewolf couldn't hurt, right? Not everyone wants horror books to fill up their TBR shelves. Lucky for… Continue reading #BookReview How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

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#BookReview My Hallowe’en Heartbreak by Melanie Ting

Okay, so if I have to pick one sentence to describe this book it would be: double finger guns of awesomeness! My Hallowe'en Heartbreak is a fabulous romance novel packed with Canadian culture and kooky comedy! Sophia goes to a Halloween costume party with her boyfriend Elliott, and of course he turns out to be… Continue reading #BookReview My Hallowe’en Heartbreak by Melanie Ting

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#BookReview The Baby Maker by Lili Valente

The Baby Maker by Lili Valente is a lovely tale about a woman who wants a baby and finds love with a man from a famously fertile family. I found this book on Bookbub and I decided to get it while it was the low, low price of free because it sounded charming! I love… Continue reading #BookReview The Baby Maker by Lili Valente

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#BookReview After the Kick by Savannah Adams

This book is amazing, for many reasons, but here is just a few: 1. It continues to awesome sports romance series The Inman Brothers by Savannah Adams 2. Kick butt female lead who worked her butt off to become a football player in a male league 3. It's Savannah Adams, so yeah. It's fabulous. I… Continue reading #BookReview After the Kick by Savannah Adams

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#BookReview The Dark and Other Love Stories by Deborah Willis

Deborah Willis has crafted one lovely group of stories in The Dark and Other Love Stories. This collection is full of humor and intriguing content. No, seriously. I was thoroughly impressed by not only Deborah's incredible writing style but the imagination behind these stories. Some of them were just wild! The weirdest yet most interesting… Continue reading #BookReview The Dark and Other Love Stories by Deborah Willis

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#BookReview Seeing Colour by Amber Faucher

If you're seeking a fun and flirty romantic comedy, then Seeing Colour is the perfect fit! Welcome to Scotland! Evie, a young adult from good ol' Alberta, Canada, packs her things and moves to Scotland as a bit of a rebellion against her troubles. She's an Optician (a person who makes the lenses for glasses),… Continue reading #BookReview Seeing Colour by Amber Faucher

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#BookReview Donut Disturb by Melissa Williams

Donut Disturb is an absolutely delightful romantic comedy by Melissa Williams! This book is sugary sweet, absolutely adorable and utterly cute! I always love a good romantic comedy, but this one just hits the spot. We follow Cassidy Daniels, a Torontonian baker at Bake, Rattle and Roll. She owns the place with her brother and… Continue reading #BookReview Donut Disturb by Melissa Williams

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#BookReview Love, All by Tamsen Parker

It's that time again... I get to read another book by my fave! Tamsen Parker's writing style has always vibed with me in a way I cannot understand. Whatever jedi mind tricks she is playing, I'm totally into it. I managed to buy this beauty a while ago but lost it among my kindle library… Continue reading #BookReview Love, All by Tamsen Parker