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#BookReview Dark Bliss by Shay Mills

Dark Bliss: Love Knows No Bounds by Shay Mills is a historical, fantasy read full of vampires. This is a relatively short read packed with lots of content! Vampires, fantasy, history and romance are packed tight all within this book. I was honestly shocked how short it was for how much drama and content there… Continue reading #BookReview Dark Bliss by Shay Mills

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#BookReview Winds of Darkness by Rebecca L. Snowe

Winds of Darkness by Rebecca L. Snowe opened my eyes to the wonderful world of fantasy novels. I normally despise fantasy novels. I have a slew of reasons why they don't normally vibe with me, yet this book proved to me that maybe it's just the book and not the genre. Why? Because this book… Continue reading #BookReview Winds of Darkness by Rebecca L. Snowe

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#BookReview Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Many eons ago in my high school/teens years, I used to read J-14 magazine. That magazine was my lifeline to society - celebrity gossip, posters of the Jonas Brothers, and book recommendations! During those formative years, I remember seeing endless advertisements for Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins and I never truly forgot about this book...… Continue reading #BookReview Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins