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#BookReview Love, All by Tamsen Parker

It's that time again... I get to read another book by my fave! Tamsen Parker's writing style has always vibed with me in a way I cannot understand. Whatever jedi mind tricks she is playing, I'm totally into it. I managed to buy this beauty a while ago but lost it among my kindle library… Continue reading #BookReview Love, All by Tamsen Parker

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#BookReview A Spoke in the Wheel by Kathleen Jowitt

A Spoke in the Wheel by Kathleen Jowitt is a lovely contemporary novel following the lives of a former cyclist. Ben, our former cyclist who had to quit the sport due to a doping scandal, moves in with Vicky and Polly. All three love cycling to various degrees, and that's what brings them together. We… Continue reading #BookReview A Spoke in the Wheel by Kathleen Jowitt

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#BookReview The Fencers by Geza Tatrallyay

The Fencers by Geza Tatrallyay is a beautifully woven, true tale of perseverance and fencing! Autobiographies and biographies are one of those 'genres' that I really fall in love with when I start diving into them. Reading about someone's life and peeking into their mind is a truly marvelous experience for me! Having the opportunity… Continue reading #BookReview The Fencers by Geza Tatrallyay

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#BookReview Love on the Tracks by Tamsen Parker

Love on the Tracks is another top tier romance by Tamsen Parker that should not be missed! I'd hate to say it, but I love this book WAY more than The Compass series (and I was overly obsessed with that book). I didn't think Tamsen could make me love a book or series more than… Continue reading #BookReview Love on the Tracks by Tamsen Parker