#BookReview Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner

Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner was a delightfully binge-worthy book that I couldn't get my hands off of. I managed to binge-read this book in three nights. I had to put it down, but I really didn't want to. I love a great thriller read with leading women, especially when it makes you question what… Continue reading #BookReview Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner


#BookReview The Fourth Circle of Hell by Gary Rappard

The Fourth Circle of Hell by Gary Rappard has long been on my list. I've been eying this book down but knew I needed a good amount of time to sit down and take it all in. This book appears to be heavily inspired by Dan Brown's writing style, so you instantly know you need… Continue reading #BookReview The Fourth Circle of Hell by Gary Rappard


#BookReview Combustible Punch by Paul Michael Peters

Combustible Punch is a thriller by Paul Michael Peters that opens up with one wow-ing chapter. When you open up to a woman introducing herself as a serial killer after a romp with our main character in a hotel, it is quite jarring and intriguing. I haven't found many first chapters that have me raising… Continue reading #BookReview Combustible Punch by Paul Michael Peters

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#BookReview Veering Off on Valentine’s by A.J. Kormon

Veering off Valentine's by A.J. Kormon is another super sweet, middle grade read for your eager readers. I do really enjoy these books. I've been on a bit of a middle grade binge lately, but can you blame me? This series specifically is designed for readers who aren't too enthusiastic about reading. There is big… Continue reading #BookReview Veering Off on Valentine’s by A.J. Kormon

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#BookReview Creeping Up on Christmas by A.J. Kormon

A.J. Kormon is one of my recent favourite authors for middle grade series. I always love myself a little middle grade read. It brings me back to my youth and reminds me of how much fun reading back then was. Getting a little nostalgia is nice through all of the craziness of our current situation,… Continue reading #BookReview Creeping Up on Christmas by A.J. Kormon

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#BookReview A Better Part of Valor by Gary Corbin

A Better Part of Valor is an epic finale to one great mystery and thrill-filled book! I've been a fan of Gary Corbin for quite a while. His books just read the right way for me, and I've been vining along with every new release ever since. When you find those authors, you cling to… Continue reading #BookReview A Better Part of Valor by Gary Corbin

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#BookReview Pumpkins by Kevin Miller

Anyone who knows me knows that I am the Queen of Halloween (self proclaimed, of course). I LIVE for Fall and Halloween and breathe it with every fibre of my being. I love decorating (be it store bought or my own creations!), I love Goosebumps, I love giving out candy and making Halloween a fun… Continue reading #BookReview Pumpkins by Kevin Miller

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#BookReview Arctic Meltdown by Geza Tatrallyay

Geza Tatrallyay is at it again with another fantastic read! Arctic Meltdown is an excellent book to pick up if you love history and mystery. Let me be clear, I'm not a big fan of reading history in fiction. History is cool and I love learning the non-fiction side of it, but history in fiction… Continue reading #BookReview Arctic Meltdown by Geza Tatrallyay

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#BookReview The Lion’s Den by Katherine St. John

A while back, The Lion's Den seemed to be advertised EVERYWHERE. Maybe it was just me and my book reading habit that the ads picked up on, but I kept seeing it over and over. I really wanted to take a dip into the waters of this book, but I kept putting it off. The… Continue reading #BookReview The Lion’s Den by Katherine St. John

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#BookReview In The Dark by Cara Hunter

I discovered Cara Hunter years ago through Goodreads and ever since I've been on the hunt for her novels. I accidentally came across one of them in a local store. They normally don't even sell books! But there was In The Dark perched on top of a little display. I grabbed it, speed walked as… Continue reading #BookReview In The Dark by Cara Hunter