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#BookRecommendations Briar’s Favourite 2021 Reads – Part 1

2021 was a busy year! I read over 300 books, finished my degree, got a brand new job in my area of study, and managed to get so much done! It was also a very sad year, losing friends to various illnesses, losing relationships, but all in all... It's time to rebuild and renew. In… Continue reading #BookRecommendations Briar’s Favourite 2021 Reads – Part 1

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#BookReview After the Kick by Savannah Adams

This book is amazing, for many reasons, but here is just a few: 1. It continues to awesome sports romance series The Inman Brothers by Savannah Adams 2. Kick butt female lead who worked her butt off to become a football player in a male league 3. It's Savannah Adams, so yeah. It's fabulous. I… Continue reading #BookReview After the Kick by Savannah Adams

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#TopBooksList Briar’s Crime, Mystery & Thriller Reads

It's that time again! I have created another master list of some epic reads that kept me busy throughout the past couple of years. This time around I decided to do a little crime, mystery, suspense and thrilling reads! I have a fondness for crime novels and suspense always get me hooked! This is only… Continue reading #TopBooksList Briar’s Crime, Mystery & Thriller Reads

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#TopBooksList Briar’s Top Fantasy Reads, Part 1

It's time for another collection of amazing books! This time around I am focusing on books that were full of fantasy. This is only part one of my fave fantasy reads, so don't you worry if you don't see your favourite! Let these 10 books fill up your TBR for the time being. These books… Continue reading #TopBooksList Briar’s Top Fantasy Reads, Part 1

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Collection 2: #TopTens – Young Adult Part 1

This time around in my collection of top books I am tackling the Young Adult genre! Young Adult has always been a guilty pleasure of mine and I love to dive deep into this genre whenever possible. Listed below are ten YA books I would highly recommend you pick up, depending on your interests! I've… Continue reading Collection 2: #TopTens – Young Adult Part 1

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Collection 1: #TopTens – Children’s Fiction Part 1

Welcome to my new collection of blog posts! This collection will be all about my favourite books in specific genres. My goal is to collect awesome books together to provide some new to-read novels for readers! There will be multiple parts to each collection since I have read so many good books by so many… Continue reading Collection 1: #TopTens – Children’s Fiction Part 1