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A Phantom’s Vengeance by Marco Mizzi Book Review

The Review I'm not gonna lie, it's been a hot minute since I picked up a book over 400 pages that wasn't a Harry Potter book. Not because I didn't want to read them, but my romance binge had a lot of shorter stories in it. But it was finally time to dip back into… Continue reading A Phantom’s Vengeance by Marco Mizzi Book Review

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#BookReview Shadow Child by Rahna Reiko Rizzuto

Shadow Child by Rahna Reiko Rizzuto is a beautifully written tale about the struggles of a set of twins. When I sat down and started this book, I was absolutely floored. The writing style was so stunningly beautiful, I couldn't help but metaphorically describe it as fine wine. Rahna has a wonderful sense of story… Continue reading #BookReview Shadow Child by Rahna Reiko Rizzuto

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#BookReview The Heirs by Fran Hawthorne

The Heirs by Fran Hawthorne is a delightful, contemporary novel that lit up my bookshelf. Eleanor's Mother, Rose, has a terrible fall and is suddenly speaking Polish. For many years, Rose has kept her history of the war a secret and not shared a word to a single soul. This sudden change sparks interest in… Continue reading #BookReview The Heirs by Fran Hawthorne

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#BookReview Carry Me by Peter Behrens

Carry Me by Peter Behrens is a beautifully woven tale of the world wars that gives a unique perspective into the life of people in those times. The first half of this book was incredibly addicting to me, and I could hardly put it down. It was a solid five out of five stars, and… Continue reading #BookReview Carry Me by Peter Behrens

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#BookReview A Long Way Back by J. Everett Prewitt

A Long Way Back by J. Everett Prewitt is a gripping story that will leave you breathless. This book is one of the novels that have been sitting on my to-read shelf behind other books and I didn't see. I would have read it ages ago, but my silly placement pattern didn't work as well.… Continue reading #BookReview A Long Way Back by J. Everett Prewitt