#BookReview Rosario+Vampire Volume 1 by Akihisa Ikeda

So… Maybe this isn’t exactly “Halloween” like you’d expect, but it’s full of monsters AND it’s a fun manga! Enjoy this delightful book that made me feel pumped and ready for Halloween a little bit earlier this year!


Rosario+Vampire Volume 1 is an absolute delight and I am so pumped to work my way through this series!

This VIZ manga follows human Tsunami as he gets sent to a school full of monsters. He didn’t realize this, especially since he wasn’t the best student and this was the only school that accepted him. Moka, a pretty vampire girl, takes a liking to him instantly and sucks his blood. Suddenly, the two are the best of friends (or more?). Along the way they meet a succubus who also has eyes for Tsunami, some crafty mermaids and a riveting werewolf. Nothing’s easy at this academy, let me tell ya!

This manga has spunky personality and it’s wild fun! I really enjoyed this book and I was hooked and addicted almost instantly. The illustrations are fun and flirty, the story is PG-13 and had me snickering. It’s like a YA or New Adult manga that flirts with action, thrills, romance and school life. Add in the wickedly funny writing talent Akihisa Ikeda has and you’ve got yourself a winner.

I highly recommend this book! It’s definitely one of my favourite manga I’ve ever read and I’m going to be working my way through this entire series very soon.

Five out of five stars.

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#BookReview How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

So, it’s Halloween time around the blog. You might not like all the horror featured here, so I figured I might add some other genres in too! Werewolves are related to Halloween, so a little romance featuring a werewolf couldn’t hurt, right? Not everyone wants horror books to fill up their TBR shelves. Lucky for you, I have other awesome books to stock up your TBR. Molly Harper’s sexy series is definitely one of my faves! Check out my review below:


I accidentally stumbled across this book as a local discount store and the cover instantly caught my eye. I kept eying this book down, knowing full well I needed to pick it up, and I finally caved. To no one’s surprise, I have been eying this cutesy romance on my book shelf for AGES and I finally knew it was time to pick it up. Nothing is better than my guilty pleasure – romances with a pinch of fantasy!

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf follows our lead Mo when she moves to a distant, small town in Alaska. She wants to get away from her parents overly obsessive nature of basically controlling her life. It’s like this move was meant to be, because suddenly she has friends and a job, and a hot man chasing after her. One day, sexy Cooper wakes up naked on her door step, and guess what? He’s the naked werewolf! But is he the werewolf/creature killing the people showing up dead in their town? Mo and Cooper will have to investigate. Will their relationship survive? You’ll need to read to find out…

This book was super funny and an absolute delight. I felt myself sinking into this book and disappeared until I have binged the whole thing. It really is a lovely, HEA type romance with just enough fantasy and paranormal in it to make it interesting. I really enjoyed watching Mo develop relationships and finally fit in somewhere. It’s what every reader seems to want – just to fit in – so it was easy to relate to her. I really liked Mo’s arc and that quite a few characters developed over time and became more likable. Also, Mo is thirty years old! Do you know how great it is to see a romance book where the character is an actual ADULT who doesn’t have her life figured out yet? RELATABLE. SUPER RELATABLE. THANK YOU!

Cooper is a more rough character and maybe not the most romantic of men, but I didn’t care. I was more focused on the fun Mo was having and the amazing sex scenes those two were romping in. This book is also a wee bit predictable, but that’s what I like in my guilty pleasure reads. Anywho, it seems like every plot has been done to death anyways.

There was a few “rougher” parts of this book – brutal death of a character who deserved some bad things to him, and a really sad loss – but other than that it’s a great contemporary, paranormal romance. I honestly don’t see anything bad with it because any “issues” that were there were so minor it didn’t matter. Sooner or later, I will need to find the remaining books in this series and binge it. Molly Harper is gearing up to be one of my new fave authors.

Overall, I loved this book! It’s sweet, light, full of romance, funny, mushy, sexy and just a great all around read!

Four out of five stars.


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#BookReview Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Many eons ago in my high school/teens years, I used to read J-14 magazine. That magazine was my lifeline to society – celebrity gossip, posters of the Jonas Brothers, and book recommendations! During those formative years, I remember seeing endless advertisements for Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins and I never truly forgot about this book… Fast forward to my mid-twenties! I’m at a local charity book sale and I see THE BOOK! The book was right there within my reach! I picked it up, put it on my book shelf and forgot about it… until recently when I cleaned my house and donated many books so I had room on my shelves.

I am SO glad I finally picked this book up. This was another one of those books that gets me hooked instantly and falling in love with some teenie bopper characters. Throw in fantasy, typical YA “I can save the world”-esque plots and magic and you’ve got me hooked!

This book is funny, super sweet and sometimes sassy. It’s absolutely the first book in the series and it leaves off with one of those dreaded cliffhangers that makes me want to read the next book ASAP.

We follow Sophia (she goes by Sophie) in this adventure filled novel after she performed a love spell a little too well. She gets sent off to Hecate, Hex Hall, and the rest is history! Sophie gets roomed with Jenna the vampire, she holds classes with some ‘Mean Girl’ clique-y girls and might be falling for the school’s bad boy. She’s the daughter of a powerful warlock, everyone seems to hold that against her and she’s got some wild family history behind her. Yes, this sounds like the typical YA plot but it’s written so wonderfully that I didn’t even care! Rachel opens this world and makes me feel like I was apart of the journey. I felt for Sophie and Jenna, I ogled after Archer and I absolutely HATED Elodie. Hey, I was a teenage girl once. I remember the mean girls ruining all of the fun.

My favourite part of this book is all of the sassy one liners thrown around. Sarcasm is the way I live my life, so I loved that this book is full of it! Sophie, Jenna and Archer are absolutely hilarious. I also adored the side characters, the Groundskeeper being my favourite.

My least favourite? STUPID CLIFFHANGERS. I hate them and I truly believe that a book should be able to stand on it’s own. I hate when I’m left off feeling cheated at the ending. Yes, I know Rachel wants us to read the next book in the series but I don’t like when I’m left feeling like I HAVE to read the next book – I WANT to.

Overall, this book is a real gem! I’m glad I finally found it. Back in my teenage years I didn’t have the funds (I mean, I’m a college student…I still don’t, but I know how to bargain hunt now!), so it’s awesome that I found a book I’ve been dreaming of! I still remember that ad page distinctly…

Five out of five stars!


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#BookReview Stolen by Kelley Armstrong



Kelley Armstrong is one of my favourite authors, and not just because she’s Canadian! Her Women of the Otherworld series has always and will always knock my socks off!

This novel follows Elena yet again, but as the title suggests – this time she is “Stolen”. This book amps up the action, making it equal (if not better) to the original “Bitten” novel. I found this book so strong as a sequel, that it was really hard not picking up the third book immediately after this one! Elena and her pack, as well as the rest of the ladies that eventually lead this series, are a force to be reckoned with! Kelley knows how to write her characters strong and passionate!

This series is definitely for adults (although, there is a YA series if you’re interested…), due to some of the brutality the story can get into. It’s not an R rated novel, but the themes are better suited for adults (some mature YA audiences could easily read it, I know I originally read these as a teenager).

I also really enjoy Elena and Clay together. Their relationship isn’t the smoothest, and it has it’s rocky moments, but they work really well together. Knowing that their relationship builds well over multiple books, I can look back and be impressed with how Kelley built them over time. The other characters and their relationships are also very strong, but these two really shine in the Elena books.

Kelley will pull you in and have you hooked almost instantly. If you haven’t read anything by her, get on it! I love this author, and she always meets my expectations and surpasses them!

If there was one series I’d highly recommend, it’s this series! It has drama, action, adventure, romance and comedy all packaged into a fantastic Canadian series! It’s well worth the read, and worth every penny I’ve spent on this series (even when I accidentally bought doubles and triples of the books, because I forgot the order…whoops!). If I did have one recommendation, try not to read this series far apart from each other. I find it’s a great binge read, because the story is so full of lore and excitement!

And if you couldn’t get enough of this series, there’s a television show based off of the book (it’s pretty close for first season, but second and third are loosely based – but it’s still incredble!).

Five out of five stars! Can I make that six out of five? No? Darn. I guess it’ll stick to five!


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Lost Wolf by Stacy Claflin – Book Review


Book Review
Book Title: Lost Wolf
Author: Stacy Claflin

Introduction: This book was a requested book review. Everything I say is honest – I have no obligation to make this a fluffy/nice review. I was given this book in return for an honest review.


Lost Wolf is the first novel in the Curse of the Moon series. It’s a fantasy, paranormal, romance-esque book.

Victoria is off at college – which I can definitely relate to. As someone who went to both University and College, I can relate to the major change. Of course, Victoria has a very different change in mind than your typical college student… She can’t remember anything – no memories, no family, nothing, na da! And for some reason, Jaguars are everywhere – in name, in physical form, and it’s just plain strange!

But what happens when someone recognizes her? Was there a kidnapping? Missing people? A death? So many questions, so many mysteries.

Starting off with this book, chapter 1 has me interested. It seems like a Young Adult-esque, kind of goofy, fun feel. I really enjoy the banter and female lead. Coming from someone who needs a fast, great start – this book has it at the beginning. After only reading the first chapter, this is definitely off to a great start.

This novel slowly reveals information to you. While I find it personally a not fitting part of the book, some readers may appreciate this. In my YA/Romance/Fantasy-esque books, I like the information up front if it’s not a mystery novel. But this novel does have a splash of mystery, so it can fit. It’s not a mark against this book, but some readers may not appreciate this aspect.

It moves at a slow pace – which for readers like me can be a major issue. I really like a fast moving story. Slow stories can be interesting, but personally it didn’t hit all the tempo notes for me. I love fast moving stories!

The voice and tone of this novel is not your typical writing voice. I liked this different writing style as someone who likes to write in this very tone. After reading other reviews, I find that this voice is what makes this book stand out. With all the fantasy/paranormal/romance books out there, having this tone made the book a little step up compared to all the other typical/mediocre novels out there.

That being said – this story has so much potential for a series. The plot itself is incredible, there are so many places this story can go! On top of that, as a reader I felt drawn towards these characters. I’m invested and I want to know more. Mixing all of that in with the lore, the backstory and fantastic voice this book has – I’m invested.

Overall, yes this story was slow. For me, that would have been a deal breaker if this story wasn’t so intriguing. Were there general issues with the plot or side comments? Yes, but there always are in all books these days. If you can look past the small, silly issues and you don’t typically get hung up on small plot holes/issues then this book will be great for you!

Four out of five stars.