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Immortal North by Tom Stewart – Book Review

The Book Review Immortal North by Tom Stewart is a gritty tale of isolation, the wilderness, (in)justice, and responsibility. Back in my youth I read The Hatchet and HATED it. It was a story about the wilderness but to me it was just SO DARN BORING. I read it in school and just wanted it… Continue reading Immortal North by Tom Stewart – Book Review

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#BookReview Naked by Kay Brandt

Naked by Kay Brandt is an Survivor-esque erotica. Cadence and Jackson are the leads in this exciting, Survivor like show where they travel to Madagascar and must survive in the wilderness. The main plot sees them filming their episode for the famous television show, but it's more than just that. This book is filled with… Continue reading #BookReview Naked by Kay Brandt